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Body Design is pleased to offer two options: Certified Personal Training and Small Group Training Classes:

The Body Design approach to personal training program starts with you! A certified trainer takes you through a two-hour fitness assessment, which takes into account the complexities of your lifestyle including work, family and everyday life stressors. A thorough physical fitness appraisal will determine your strengths and abilities.

From the results, the trainer will develop a customized fitness program. Throughout your training sessions, the plan will be regularly monitored so that recommendations and suggestions can be made. Personal training programs include:

  • One-hour, one-on-one, customized training sessions
  • Positive motivational tips and techniques
  • Food log review and recommendations
  • Weekly goal setting and follow up
  • Regular fitness program modifications and updates to ensure the client is continually being challenged and experiencing ongoing results

Email or call 905-473-3888 to get started on your journey to a new, fitter, healthier you with Personal Training!

Small Group Training is an affordable way to get personalized training sessions while benefitting from the energy of a group. Jen (Registered Kinesiologist, Certified Athletic Therapist) and Arlene (certified Personal Trainer) will provide a wide range of strength exercises, with dumbbells, BOSU, stability balls, bands, and ropes. Posture and stabilization exercises will also be incorporated with bursts of cardio. Focus will be on technique, increasing strength, balance, and coordination. Consider this a Personal Training session with your friends! Each training session includes:

  • A weekly follow up email from your trainer with the workout of the week
  • Nutritional handouts and information
  • Collective goal setting

Maximum 6 in a class.
$21.99/class + HST

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