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Body Design is very proud to offer Genestra brand supplements and Juice Plus+ products in Mt. Albert.

#1 Omega 3 (Fish Oil)

Q: Who can benefit from taking Omega 3?

Q: What are some possible symptoms you may have that may indicate you are low on Omega 3 fatty acids?
A: Cracked, dry skin, brittle hair, poor healing, poor nail health, general poor recovery from illness, chronic pain

The fact that we do not live near an ocean, and do not have access to fresh, cold water fish daily puts Canadians in Ontario at a huge disadvantage for this much needed, multi-benefit essential fatty acid that our bodies respond so well to. Omega 3 is an excellent source of EPA and DPA, the two essential Omega 3 Fatty acids our bodies rely on to help keep inflammation (that can cause a number of major health issues and chronic health issues) at bay. A deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids presents possibly the most symptoms and signs of illness, compared with any other nutrient deficiency.

#2 Probiotics

Q: Who can benefit from taking Probiotics?
or anyone who suffers from stomach issues, IBS, constipation, poor digestion, gets sick easily, high cholesterol, acne

Probiotics are good bacteria; they over-ride and kill bad bacteria. Bad bacteria can accumulate for many reasons like taking antibiotics, having food poisoning, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep. It is always a smart idea to have more good bacteria than bad. Probiotics can benefit everyone, even if you are not currently suffering from any of the above listed symptoms.

#3 Vitamins D3 & K2

– I recommend these in conjunction with each other, as K2 (Mk7) helps to absorb D3
Q: Who can benefit from taking D3 and K2 together?
or anyone who works in doors many hours of the day, lives in colder climate countries (like Canada) anyone who may suffer from depression or feeling down from time to time, the winter blues, poor bones, broken bones, brittle bones, osteoporosis, anyone concerned that their bone density is low, anyone who wants to slow down the process of lower bone density as they age.

Vitamin D3 can benefit anyone who suffers from some chronic illness because it is nicknames: Sunshine in a bottle. Doctors estimate as high as 80% of all Canadians are vitamin D deficient.

#4 Magnesium

Q: Who can benefit from taking Magnesium
A: Anyone who suffers from headaches, migraines and other head-related pains, anyone who has high anxiety, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, restless leg syndrome, poor heart health, eye twitches, tics, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep.

Magnesium is a required element of muscle relaxation, and without it our muscles would be in a constant state of contraction. If you workout two or more times a week, it is also a good idea to take magnesium to prevent muscles from being in a constant state of contraction, if more magnesium was available to us through our soils we grow vegetables in, we would not need to supplement. Unfortunately, our soils have lost a lot of nutrient value from being farmed and overturned. This is why it is said that 55% of North Americans are magnesium deficient.

#5 Active B Complex or Liquid B Complex

Q: Who can benefit from taking a B Complex
A: Anyone who suffers from lack of energy, headaches, migraines, head pain of any kind, trouble losing weight, works out more than two times a week.

A vitamin B complex is a dietary supplement that delivers all eight of the B vitamins: B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6, B7 (biotin), B9 (folate), B12. Also found naturally in a number of foods, B vitamins help the body to produce energy and form red blood cells.

You body naturally depletes itself of these vitamins faster than other nutrients because when you urinate or perspire you're also flushing them away. It is important if you are working out two or more times a week that you help your body to replenish lost nutrients.

#6 Curcumin

Q: Who can benefit from taking Curcumin
or anyone who suffers from any form of ‘itis’ (itis: Suffix meaning inflammation), such as: arthritis, tendonitis, colitis, dermatitis. Curcumin has also been proven to help with Alzheimer’s disease, is being used in many cancer patients, as well as helping to treat depression.

Curcumin is the root of Turmeric! (Turmeric Contains Bioactive Compounds with Powerful Medicinal Properties.) Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory compound (it has been referred to as Nature’s Advil).

Short-term inflammation is good. We are meant to have it. You bang your body, it swells (to naturally protect the area). However, when inflammation is long term (chronic) it can lead to heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s and various degenerative conditions.

It turns out that curcumin is a strong anti-inflammatory, it is so powerful that it matches the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs. Multiple studies have shown that curcumin can reduce the growth of cancerous cells in the laboratory and inhibit the growth of tumours in test animals. Curcumin boosts brain-derived neurotrophic factor, linked to improved brain function and a lower risk of brain diseases. Curcumin must be paired with pepper (bioperine/ piperine: other words for pepper) to be absorbed. (Genestra is one brand that has added this in to its capsule already, so you do not need to add it yourself).

By Rhonda Fintelman.  Rhonda is a Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Coach and Nutritional Therapist, who has been working with
clients on a one-to-one basis or in-class settings for the past 5 years.


Genestra brand supplements are pharmaceutical grade and Canadian-made. Genestra offers exceptional quality, consistency, stability and reliability. All products offer full disclosure labelling for ingredients and allergens. Each product is tested a minimum of 3 times by a third party as a raw material, during manufacturing and as a finished product.

picture of Genestra Brand SupplementDigest Plus
Digestive aid for digestive comfort, especially following high caloric, high fat meals. Easy-to-use, one tablet, once a day with each meal. 180 tablets..


picture of Genestra brand supplementHMF Forte
Probiotic Formula, clinically proven strains. 120 Vegetable Capsules


picture of Genestra brand supplementD-Mulsion 1000 Vitamin Supplement
A factor in the maintenance of good health. Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth; helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosophorus; and helps to prevent vitamin D deficiency. 30 ml Liquid


picture of Genestra brand supplementSuper EFA Capsules
Essential fatty acid formula. 120 Softgel Capsules


picture of Genestra brand supplementSuper EFA Liquid
Essential fatty acid formula. 200 ml Liquid


Other Genestra supplements available upon request.

Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ logoRealizing the importance of whole food nutrition, the Juice Plus+ Company developed and introduced Juice Plus+ in the early 1990s with the goal of providing customers more nutrition from fruits and vegetables every day. More than a multivitamin, Juice Plus+ fruit and vegetable supplements provides concentrated nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables, berries and grains. This helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat. Juice Plus+ supplements a healthy diet with added nutrients from fruits and vegetables you may not get every day.


Garden of Life

Garden of Life logoBuild yourself from the ground up...complete protein line, greens powder and coconut oil. Download the Garden of Life brochure here.